Friday, August 30, 2013

The Union Elementary
August 29, 2013

"Have You Seen the Owl Today?"

In-Service Day Highlights

What were Union teachers doing during In-Service?  Here are a few highlights:

Ms. LeFebvre and Ms. Kane are seen to the left getting some information from Facilities Director Todd Keller about projects at Union this summer.  The faculty and staff also learned about new procedures for ordering class materials from Zephyr and Pam, got to see a student led interview with Mr. Hennessey (see below), were brought up to speed on the new schedule by scheduling master Mrs. Beaupre, and saw an outstanding "Everybody Has a Story" presentation by Mr. Jarrad and Ms. Parker that we plan on using to celebrate the 75th birthday of UES with you and our students.   Even better, we were all able to spend the morning taking a serious look at the strengths of the UES community and how we can continue to use the talents we all share to enhance the learning experience for our students.    All in all, it was an inspiring, fun, and informative day for everyone!

Here are some other action shots:

 Meet Mr. Hennessey!
Fifth graders Sadie and David joined new principal Mr. Hennessey and the faculty Monday for this interview.   Sadie and David did a terrific job using technology to tell a story, and then helped edit the final product.  Below is part one; come back tomorrow to see the next section!